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Return Man 6

sdfsfdIf you have never played any version of return man, then the sixth version is what you need on your computer. Return Man 6 has its roots in American football and contrary to previous versions, how you catch touchdowns determines how far you move. The more the touchdowns you catch, the higher you go regarding levels in the game. The game also features another style of earning points that involve finding the best route through the enemy line which wasn't available in previous options. The game is relatively easy to understand, even for beginners, and the yellow dot on the field will remain your target throughout the game.

Where the green ones are located will change from one level to another and depending on the difficulty level, hitting them may or may not earn you extra points. Once you start the game, you will be taken through a simple to understand tutorial of how the game is played, the tutorial can always be accessed later under the settings menu. There seem to be additional levels not present in previous versions, and the graphics have been greatly improved. There are additional features like snowy weather or even rainy match days in Return Man 6 game. The interactivity of the game is what ESPN has greatly advanced, the game is much more demanding and captivating, and there seems to be no end when the game starts. You’re constantly trying to make touchdowns, prevent touchdowns, beat the clock and tackle the other quarterbacks. You get a preview of what you earned after each game.
If you are the kind of person who brags, ESPN added an option for you to do that, although it may be optional, you can upload your scores and compare it to players from all over the world. Face it off with your friends by being top on the leaderboard. Make use of the special power boosts scattered on the field if you need strength or speed. There are a lot more levels ahead of you, and it’s not going to take you a day to finish all of them, so enjoy each level. Remember always not to lose the tackle possession, you will only have three more tries and if you fail then the game ends. So have a good time playing Return Man 6 for free at ReturnMan6.info

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